Other Health Care Professionals and Services

Musculoskeletal Problems

Our Physiotherapist is a specialist in musculoskeletal problems, which are problems with muscles, joint, bones, tendons and ligaments. He can treat issues such as back pain, joint pain (e.g. hip, knee, ankle, shoulder) and sciatica. Physiotherapy appointments take place at Bartlemas Surgery (opposite CRMP) and can be booked by contacting our reception team. He treats problems that have been present for less than about 3 months.

For longer-term musculoskeletal problems you can self-refer to Connect Oxfordshire, who provide all the local MSK services.

Mental Health

Our Mind Wellbeing Workers support people with mild to moderate mental health problems. They are able to worth through techniques to manage symptoms such as anxiety and low mood, provide emotional support and a listening ear, and help people make positive changes in their lives. They are also able to link people with other more specialist organisations and services. Mind Wellbeing Workers can provide up to six sessions. Appointments can be booked by contacting our reception team.

For therapy and more complex/longer-term support you can self-refer to Oxfordshire Talking Therapies, wo provide the psychological therapies for Oxfordshire.


Support with alcohol or drug problems can be accessed by contacting Turning Point.

Contraception and Sexual Health

Sexual Health Oxfordshire provides free and confidential contraception and sexual health services (including STD testing). They have clinics at the Churchill Hospital and on Rectory Road (off Cowley Road). They provide a wide variety of contraception choices including pills, implants, IUDs (coils), injections ans emergency contraception. Appointments can be made by contacting them directly.


We work with the Florence Park Midwives, who provide antenatal care for our patients. If you are pregnant please make an appointment with a GP so that you can be referred for scans and to the midwives.

Health Visitors

We work with the East Oxford Health Visitors, who provide support and advice for parents of babies and young children.