Patient Journey

Due to the ongoing issues surrounding Coronavirus we have had to adapt the way in which we operate. Please see the below items that will explain some of the changes we are currently working with and what to expect when contacting us.

  • Most issues will now be dealt with via the phone so that we can protect you and our staff from potential exposure to the virus. Our staff will ask you the reason for calling so that they can ensure you will be directed to the best person to deal with your issue.
  • The Practice continues to operate between the hours of 08:30am until 18:00pm, Monday to Friday, please contact us on 01865 791850. If the matter is medically urgent, the emergency phone is available between the hours of 08:00am – 8:30am, and then 18:00pm – 18:30pm, Monday to Friday.  If you require help outside of these hours please call 111 who will be able to direct and assist you.
  • If you are experiencing a life threatening medical emergency – please call 999 immediately and request an ambulance.
  • Unfortunately we have no involvement with Covid-19 testing; unable to administer, organise or speed up the process. If you need help regarding this please visit: if you do not have internet access, please call the dedicated Covid-19 number: 119.
  • When you call to book an appointment, the patient care coordinator team will give you the scheduled time of your call. We will aim to call you within an hour of the appointment time. For example if you are given the appointment time of 9am, it may mean you called anytime between 9am and 10am. If during the call the doctor feels that they need to see you to make further assessment, they will invite you in with a specified date and time. Please ensure you attend alone and wear a face covering.
  • We have disabled the function of booking appointments online whilst the pandemic continues; this is because all cases need to be triaged ahead of arranging appointments.

  • There may be circumstances in which the GP requests a photo in order to aid diagnosis. The GP will ask if you have a valid and up to date mobile number – they will then send you a link. You are then able to take photo using your mobile or a camera and attach it to the link provided which will automatically update your medical record. If you do not have a smart phone, the doctor may ask you to email this to us instead.
  • If you arrive early for an appointment, you will be asked to wait outside of the practice; this is again to protect you and staff and to meet social distancing guidelines. Please only arrive 5 minutes before you appointment.
  • Certain patients require annual health reviews with us if they have ongoing long term medical conditions. These are usually completed face to face; however some of these details can be gathered via a health survey first. If this is the case you will receive a text from the practice to your mobile phone asking you to access a link – these messages will be signed off with the practice name. If you do not have a smart phone or internet access, and receive a text, please call us to book a telephone appointment to discuss your health. If you have any doubt regarding the authenticity of the text, please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can check this for you.
  • We ask that prescriptions are requested via email: [email protected]. Please do not request items unless you have 7 days remaining. If we issue medication early it can lead to shortages for people that need it urgently. If you do require medication early due to: loss or holiday commitments – please include this on your request. If you have no access to email, we have some slips available to fill in outside of the practice.
    Please include the following:
    Date of Birth
    Name of the items required and quantity
    Name and address of the pharmacy you would like them sent to.
  • If you need to register as a new patient you can do this via the website or collect the forms from outside the building. Providing proof of ID will ensure your registration is accurate, this can be a photo of official identification that is emailed to us: [email protected]
  • If you require any further information, please contact us on 01865 791850 so that we can assist you.