Changes to Practice Processes in the Light of Coronavirus / COVID-19 – 27 July 2020

For information about coronavirus, we would encourage patients to first look at the following websites or

Please only ask to speak to a clinician with your query about coronavirus if it cannot be answered online.

We aim to keep our patients and our staff well. In line with the advice we have received, we wish to limit the number of people entering the building during the coronavirus outbreak to limit the possible spread of infection.

Please do not come to the building if you have a cough, or fever, or breathlessness, or other upper respiratory symptoms such as running nose or sore throat.

I am worried that I might have coronavirus. What should I do?

If you have symptoms suggestive of coronavirus (a fever, cough or breathlessness), or any other concerns about the illness, please look at the NHS 111 coronavirus website. You will find information there about what to do if you are unwell, how to self-isolate and what to do if you might need to go to hospital.

If your question is not answered there, please call 111 for advice.

Please only ask to speak to the GPs if your question is not answered elsewhere.

Do you need practical help?

Are you worried about receiving your medication or about getting food during the coronavirus outbreak?

Are you worried about a neighbour or a relative?

The practice will be making contact with many of our patients in the next few weeks to put you in touch with sources of support if you need them.

In the meantime, you may wish to look at the website

You can register yourself or a relative or someone you are concerned about for support.

I am off work because of coronavirus. I need a sick note. What shall I do?

If you have been advised to self-isolate by 111, they will provide you with guidance about what steps to take. If we have advised you to stay off work because of coronavirus, we will send you a text message accordingly. This will be recorded in your medical record. This text message can be used as evidence for your employer. Once the outbreak is over, you can bring the message to the patient care coordinators at our practice reception, and they will be able to issue you with a letter at that stage.

I need a routine appointment to see a doctor, what should I do?

On the advice of the NHS in England, we have been advised to suspend all routine face to face appointments. If you already have an appointment booked, then the GP or nurse or pharmacist will call you on the morning or afternoon on which your appointment was due. They will discuss with you whether you need to be seen in person and make the necessary arrangements if so.

All new appointments will be made as telephone appointments in the first place. The doctors will be happy to continue with routine issues in this way.

I need an urgent appointment with the doctor, what should I do?

The duty doctor system will continue to operate in the usual way. Please call the practice and ask to speak to the duty doctor.

I need my medication. What shall I do?

Medication requests will continue to be dealt with in the normal way. Prescriptions will be issued electronically to pharmacies, so please identify a nominated pharmacy when you request your medication. There may be a longer delay than usual in processing your request.

I need to see the nurse for dressings/injections, what should I do?

Our nurses will call you and make arrangements to see you if necessary. If possible, we will teach you or your carers how to change dressings so as to avoid your visits to the surgery.

I need a blood test or an ECG. What should I do?

If your blood test is to monitor a medication (such as warfarin, or methotrexate or clozapine) then we will continue to offer you a blood test. If the test is not urgent, we will suspend these investigations until we are advised to resume offering them. The doctors may request urgent tests which they may arrange themselves.

I have an appointment with the midwife. Should I still attend?

At present, routine antenatal appointments will continue to be held at the practice in the usual way. If you have fever or cough or breathlessness, please do not come to the practice. Please telephone the practice if you will not be attending.

My baby has immunisations booked. Will they go ahead as normal?

For the present time, we will endeavour to continue with routine immunisation of babies. Please do not attend if the baby, or its caregiver is unwell with cough, or fever or breathlessness. Please keep to a minimum the number of people accompanying the baby to the appointment.

I have an appointment booked with Debbie, or Ella or the counsellors. Should I attend as usual?

At the present time, we have unfortunately been advised to minimise all face to face appointments for both patient and staff safety. We are however still able to consult with patients remotely via telephone. If you need to cancel and appointment or update your contact details, please contact the practice.